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Today I considered doing a rime rhyme or a frosty fantasy, but I was finally drawn by the atmosphere of the recent elections.  My offering this week is not really a story, but my hope that we can all extend love and understanding to others, even when we don’t see eye to eye.  Although my piece is set in the aftermath of a U.S. election (any one will do), the underlying philosophy is not limited by nationality or the political sphere.

I welcome critique.  My last story generated some discussion about word choice that I enjoyed and appreciated.  Thanks to all who participated.  Since this piece does have a political element, I would re-emphasize that comments should be kept civil.

Not Really a Story

It was odd weather for this early in November, but it matched the mood of the Facebook posts she’d been reading.  It was an icy world out there.  Still, the sun would return, and as long as she could maintain a peaceful demeanor, hearts in her circle would melt just as surely as the sleet on her window.  There would be some who hung on, who called her evil because they disagreed, who popped keys off keyboards or called for unjustified impeachment on their car bumpers.  But most, she believed, would settle back into a sanity of forbearance and friendship.

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