I have to say I’m proud of myself for finishing this one!  I’ve intended to read The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, for years.  I’m not a very fast reader, however, and the size (600+ pages) was intimidating.  I wondered whether my ADD would allow me to make it to the end.  One of my big questions upon finishing it is whether I would have enjoyed a different translation more.  Not that this one was bad.  I hope you will read my Goodreads review here.

Now for the Hollywood version.  While the movie may be action-packed fun, full of romance and happy endings, and have the same character names as the book, it is not the same story.  Oh, the idea of vengeance is still present, but this is not an example of a great novel-to-movie adaptation.  Still, for a cut-and-paste frolic based on a complicated Classic, it’s worth its popcorn.  Check out Rotten Tomatoes’ take here.

I’m in the middle of re-viewing the Gerard Depardieu mini-series.  Much longer and more involved.  Depardieu is more believable than Jim Caviezel as a man who has been locked up in a stone prison for well over a decade, although he is a little hefty for someone who survived on moldy bread during that time.  Take your pick on which way you want to suspend disbelief.  The storyline(s) is closer to the original, although some license is taken (as expected).  If you don’t mind subtitles, you might want to try it out.

Riddle:  What did the Count eat when he got out of prison?  A monte cristo!  Sandwich, that is.  It’s pretty simple and there are variations on the recipe all over.  I’ve heard of it made with swiss, gruyere, gouda, or cheddar cheese, and even American (although I really could not suggest using that type.)  Here’s Food Network’s version.

I think this weekend I might settle in with a book or a movie and a nice fried meat and cheese sandwich and enjoy a Monte Cristo evening at home.

  1. The movie was excellent. I was assigned the book for a report back in high school. I LOVED every page of it! One of my all time favorite reads.

    I’m coming by via the challenge! Hope you’re holding up well and enjoying it! I am 🙂

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