Xenophobia and Xcaret

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I accidentally reblogged this (darn those little reader buttons!), but I decided to leave it. It’s a good piece by a writer I truly enjoy. Ironically, my first thought for “X” in this challenge was Xenophobia. Pam does a great job of addressing it here. Check it out!

Pamela Foster, Author and Speaker


Xcaret used to be a gem at the butt-end of a sand path off a dirt road in the Yucatan Peninsula.  White sand beach.  Wild Manatees in clear cenote waters. Now it’s a tourist trap in Mundo Maya.  But still paradise, worth a day’s vacation and the bag full of pesos it’ll cost to enjoy the pee-poluted waters.  Visitors have brought money to a patch of Mexico that had nothing but natural beauty and poverty when Jack and I towed a 35 foot trailer onto the beach just north of Xcaret back in ‘91.

Back then we’d often drive the sixty miles to Cancun to pick up friends from the airport and haul them down the coast to Paamul, the funky trailer park on the Caribbean where we lived in our aluminum house under a grass-roofed palapa.


It was paradise.  For a while.

We heard a lot of xenophobic questions…

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  1. You’re so funny. As bad as me. I tried to reblog one of my posts to The Sisterhood blog a couple of days ago. Ended up reblogging my own post to the same blog it came from. Arrrrrhgh. No way to get rid of it that I found. Oh well.

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