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I attended OWFI conference the first weekend in May.  One session addressed establishing a work routine.  Creative coach Romney Nesbitt was the presenter, and one of her suggestions was that we figure out what works for us rather than try to force ourselves into someone else’s schedule.  The idea was liberating.  I spent some time over the next couple of weeks “watching” how I work (and how I don’t)–paying attention to when I feel the most alert, when I’m most productive, what types of things distract me and when those things usually appear.  I discovered quite a bit myself.

This morning I was reinvigorated in my efforts when I came across “The Daily Routines of Famous Writers” at  (Thanks to Kristen Lamb for the link.)  I love that each of these successful authors has their own approach.  Some are on the unstructured side; some play it close to the clock.  All of them take their work seriously.

That’s the key.  It matters less when or where you work than that you work.  We all know this, but it’s one of those things that many of us must constantly remind ourselves of.  We get distracted, get caught up in the minutiae, the daily grind, or even the complexity, beauty or power, of the world around us.  I’m still working on my routine, but I’ve already seen a difference in my productivity.  At this point it may only be because I’m actually paying attention.  I certainly haven’t established the valuable habits that the men and women listed in “The Daily Routines…” have, but I have started.

What is your routine?