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U.S. Capitol

The shutdown shows that the system works.  Our government was set up to keep one group from overruling everyone else.  Checks and balances.  This situation, as uncomfortable as it is/may become, illustrates this protection in action.  When it gets to the point where the parties involved refuse to cooperate and come to consensus or compromise, the system itself forces them to do so.  Now if we can get to the point where personal and political  agendas, bullying and intimidation, and political maneuvering don’t overshadow civility and real bipartisanship, we might avoid shutdowns altogether.

Another idea for speeding resolution:  take away directly responsible parties’ (i.e. Congress, President) benefits and paychecks FIRST and until the situation is resolved.  Charging them for the costs of running their offices/households for that period may also help.

A bipartisan response from Congress!  Take note of who is on this Washington Post list of members refusing, returning, or donating their paychecks, and who is not.