Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is dead.  Across the chasm of the unshared that separates me from him, I see a firing squad, feel the memory of ice, chill on my skin.  I smell blood and fire.  And there is war, and there, a ruined ship in the jungle.  And I’m not sure whether I’m really remembering any of this accurately or whether they are sensations created in my mind alone, suggested but not specified in One Hundred Years of Solitude.

New York Times

The Atlantic

The Yellow Trolley Car in Barcelona, and Other Visions (William Kennedy interview with GGM, The Atlantic, 1973)

I read the novel a few years ago and it fascinated me–the work itself and the “genre” of magical realism (if you can limit this approach to a genre).  It’s odd how death reignites our interests.

 One Hundred Years of Solitude:        Amazon   BN    Goodreads

Magical Realism:     Princeton (brief)     Wikipedia (90+ references)     Writing World      Magical Realism


Magical Realism Shelf (Goodreads)


I hope GGM would be pleased that his words prompted an expanded awareness of the world around me, of his world and of mine.  I’m grateful he shared them with me.



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