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A Gift from the “C”

Posted: September 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Halloween Lucy

My cat puked in a heart shape this morning.

Please let this not be the high point of my day.

Or let it be something transcendentally illuminating. C’mon, throw me a bone (just not a bone my dog will later vomit onto my carpet).


I got a little relief this week exploring a new (to me) group, Vacationer.  Although I could imagine their name comes from the tripping mood of their music, you don’t have to be high to enjoy their laid back, funky, hip, cool, beachy, Indian/Caribbean/Brazilian (etc.)-influenced style.  The group is aptly named.  Listening to Vacationer with the scent of sea breeze and yin-yang melty wax wafting around me sent me on a mini-getaway.  It gave me the unique mixture of relaxation and invigoration that comes with a great vacation.

I’m still working on the “lay back, turn your mind off, and just let it wash over you” approach to living.  Truthfully, I don’t think I’d ever be satisfied with it full-time.  It’s just not me.  But I definitely need those moments.  And sometimes, I need those days. Or weeks.  Vacationer gives me this escape in the small doses my life allows.

Beyond that, however, listening to “The Wild Life” gave me pause to consider something deeper than surfboards, bikinis, jungles, and beer on the beach.  Anything thought-provoking earns points in my book.  This song got me wondering if “the wild life is human nature,” why do we not still live that way?  My answer ran along these lines: I think it is also in our nature to grow, to develop, to seek and find, to ascend.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle channels those desires into perverse streams of lust for power and material gain rather than streams of increasing consciousness.  There is something beyond existing as a collective of impulse-driven, bipedal mammals, something more fundamental than functioning as cogs in a econosociopolitical consumption machine.  Perhaps it is in the space between careless vacation and hyperfocused industry that peace, pleasure, and productivity exist together.  Discovering and maintaining a balance is up to each individual who desires it.  For me, I think Vacationer might play a part in that quest.  If not, they still make awesome listening!


The Wild Life, Vacationer


An Interview with Lead Singer of Vacationer,

Kenny Vasoli


A Little Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz

(You’ll get the inclusion if you listen to the interview)