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Chicken Wings

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Uncategorized


By Kham Tran –



This morning I had two leftover chicken wings for breakfast.  As I ate, I thought about how this chicken would be fueling my activities this morning.  It struck me that what I did with my time and energy would be a manifestation of my feelings toward an animal that gave its life to sustain me.  I felt a growing responsibility to make good use of this ultimate gift, and a deep appreciation and respect for that chicken and what it had given me.

Then I thought of a friend of mine who raises chickens and of all that she must do to keep her chickens healthy.  I thought of the time and effort and resources the rancher put into this chicken.  I felt gratitude to this person for what they had done to provide for my needs.

My thoughts expanded from there quite rapidly.  Who and what had, in small ways and large, fed me such that in this very moment I could live and live well and happily?  God, my parents, my husband, children, friends, Mrs. Meyette and Mr. Walls, Julie Andrews, the people that made Babette’s Feast, Nathaniel Hawthorne and C. S. Lewis.  I thought of Socrates and Nephi and my college crush.  I thought of the people that built my house and the people that built my computer and the people that made my clothes.  I thought of oxygen and earth and the birds that are singing outside my window right now.

And I hoped that at least a few moments of this day would provide a good ROI for them, whether they realize they’ve invested or not.  Fulfilling that hope is up to me.  So come on, chicken!  Let’s go do the world some good!