Keli Wright did not tell her mother, at age 3, that she wanted to be a writer when she grew up.  She did develop a callous and carpal tunnel because she was always writing something.  Or doodling while daydreaming.  Since the whole artist thing didn’t pan out due to lack of genetic support, she decided to try to communicate her visions through words.  These often involve the eternal search for Truth, the multi-dimensionality of existence, the sanctity of the individual and the power of the collective, food, and walks along a beach she’s never been to.

Her lack of a green thumb makes her farming progenitors roll over in their grave.  She adores her husband and 5 children, and on occasion feeds those who happen to be around at dinnertime.  Her favorite color is not purple though she sometimes dons a deep eggplant, figuratively speaking at least.

  1. Hey, Keli. I’m actually trying to leave a comment for your essay on Chicago Pizza and hot dogs. Technically challenged as I am, I couldn’t find the comment icon on that post. Anway. . . my favorite line in the entire essay (and there were lots of good ones) was ‘I remain conflicted.” It made me laugh out load. Oh. I mean LOL.

  2. Really great to be able to relate a human entity to your name now. I did move my blog to wordpress. I love your bio. Very cleverly written. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  3. DMW says:

    Hi Keli – Great blog and photos!

    Ready for a blast from the past? U of I music camp & snail mailing hand-written novellas for the next several years… Did that just blow your mind?

    I hope life has been most excellent to (and for) you & the family – we’re having an outstanding time in the land of Chief Sealth!

    • Keli Wright says:

      David! Whoa! You succeeded in blowing my mind. Ah, great memories!

      We’re doing great. My daughter’s up in your neck of the woods at the moment–one of my favorite places, even when she’s not there. Glad to hear you are doing well!

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